Under cabinet Lighting Ideas

Under cabinet lighting is necessary for any kitchen regardless of its size and design style; it makes the kitchen functional and inviting. In addition, it creates an illusion of space and makes small kitchens look larger and more attractive.

There are different sources of light you could apply:

  • Fluorescent lights

Usually unobtrusive, which makes them a popular choice. Their main drawback is that they distort some colours, such as reds, oranges, and purples that can change the look of food and countertops.

  • Halogen lights

They deliver bright light that accurately renders colours; however, halogen lights create extra heat and could pose a safety risk.

  • Xenon lights

Xenon lights have the advantages of the halogen lights and offer even more as they do not create extra heat and have a longer lifespan.

Keep in mind that both halogen and xenon lights are dimmable options.

  • LEDs

An environmentally friendly option that offers functionality and enhances the décor, LED strips are perfect for illuminating work surfaces. In general, LED lights are energy – saving, with low heat emission, compact, and offer much brighter light to lend a contemporary, chic look of your kitchen. In addition, since they come in a variety of colours, they could add vibrancy to the space for a completely unexpected look. However, most of the LEDs still deliver narrow beams of light rather than evenly spread light that is the best for task lighting.

Furthermore, under cabinet fixtures come in an array of options in terms of sizes, shapes/strips, heads, and pucks are popular choices/, and colours. Consider all alternatives and choose a solution that fully meets your taste and needs.

Do not forget that the counter material should also be a consideration; a frosted lens strip fixture minimises the glare and is a perfect option for dark, glossy countertops.

You should install fixtures toward the front of your cabinets so that they cast task light on more of the work surface.

under cabinet lighting with LEDs

Generally, using under cabinet lights is always a smart idea as they add light where you need it. Consider also a chic lighting technique – to apply both under-cabinet and over-cabinet lighting because the latter evokes a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Apart from being a perfect solution for task lighting, under – cabinet lights can also serve as accent lighting; if you have a stunning tile backsplash, highlight and make it a focal point of the space.

However, you can also use under cabinet lights in other spaces, such as offices because they add functionality and enhance the décor.

To summarise, under cabinet lighting is a useful technique to brighten dark spaces and dramatically change their look with just a few lights.

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