Underestimating Lighting in Bathrooms Causes Appalling Results

Inadequate lighting in bathrooms is a common mistake, which results in hidden safety hazards. Furthermore, since bathrooms are becoming more and more a place where to relax and recharge, aesthetics should also be a consideration.

As in all other spaces, layered lighting is the successful approach. Incorporate different types of lighting to provide ample illumination and enhance the décor. Note that roof windows, skylights, and glass blocks are all smart ideas to introduce warm natural light without compromising privacy because natural light supplements and even replaces particularly artificial light during the day. bathroom-lighting-6

Apply gentle ambient light that fills the space and bounces off the ceiling; recessed fixtures with white opal diffusers, wall sconces, and cove lighting are good options. Using a sparkling chandelier as a source of ambient lighting is a creative solution; it not only offers ample light, but also adds elegance, style, and luxury to the décor.

Style bathroom lighting

Task lighting illuminates the vanity area; try with fixtures mounted at eye level on the wall flanking the mirror to eliminate unflattering shadows. A pair of matching pendants or vertical fluorescent light bars is an alternative to the traditional sconces. If the space is large, the shower zone also requires task lighting; a recessed fixture is an excellent choice.

Traditional bathroom lighting

Add accent lighting for depth and extra dimension or for highlighting architectural elements, artwork, beautiful built-in shelving, tilework, ornate sinks, or greenery; small recessed spotlights are a good solution.

Bathroom lighting

Decorative lights can add interest to the bathroom; apart from crystal chandeliers, candlestick-type wall sconces are also a great option to incorporate a decorative fixture.

Generally, no single layer of light can work alone for providing adequate lighting; make layers work together and even a small bathroom would look impressive if properly lit. Always consider using dimmers because they allow adjusting and controlling any lighting scheme to suit various needs and moods; in addition, dimmers save energy.

Modern bathroom interior

When it comes to lighting in bathrooms, safety should be a priority; apply only fixtures and bulbs designated for use in wet areas.

Note that various innovative lighting techniques could add not only functionality, but also visual appeal and interest. Play with light to add style, drama, and charm to the bathroom.

Try with lighted mirrors, they eliminate shadows from every angle and are a perfect option for vanity area task lighting; furthermore, back-lit mirrors could also spice up the bathroom and add a touch of modernity.

Modern bathroom interior

Under-cabinet lighting is a smart choice to both show off the flooring and illuminate a footpath. A mini chandelier hung over the tub offers a warm glow, adds style and elegance, and dresses up the space. Wash a plain, unadorned wall with light for an instant wow effect or incorporate small table lamps for a soft touch.

Always keep in mind that one light does not work well in bathrooms; a single fixture leads to inadequate lighting, especially when it comes to illuminating the vanity zone. Opt for several types of lighting and coordinate the layers depending on the size, layout, and colour scheme of the space to create a dreamy bathroom.

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