Veli Collection: Stunning Beauty and Versatility

Veli/veil, shroud, or gauze in English/ collection is an avant-garde project of Adriano Rachele for Slamp, a representative Italian lighting design brand. The series, which stands for a new expressive style in the world of lighting design, has won the 2012 Red Dot Design Award Honorable Mention in the “Product design” category among 14,000 candidates from all over the world.

“The new family”collection, Slamp’s best selling lighting fixtures, comprises suspensions and ceiling/wall lamps; they come with energy-saving bulbs in an array of sizes and colors/charcoal black, plum purple, russet, sky blue, chilly red, and opal white/ to match various décor solutions.

Furthermore, different lamp number versions are available to meet fully specific lighting needs. Consider that using common, repeating lighting fixtures is a smart, trendy concept that brings together and unifies the space for a balanced, harmonious, and visually appealing look.

Since all lamps of this collection are gorgeous, make-a-statement fixtures, it is a chic idea to use any of them to draw attention to a favorite artwork, collectibles, or vintage furniture. Try with these conceptions to lend a luxurious, sophisticated look to the space.

Note that all fixtures of this dazzling, elegant collection are made of either Opalflex or Lentiflex, unique, recyclable materials, patented by Slamp. Opaflex, a mixture of polymers and particular additives, and the gradation of colors, achieved by silk-screen printing, makes these lamps veritable pieces of art.

Lentiflex, used for the white prisms of this collection, creates a surface that looks as if comprising a great number of little prisms for a fascinating, intriguing, and iridescent refractive effect.

Due to the specific superimposition of two layers of Lentiflex, the color and the appearance of the prisms change depending on the perspective. Generally, these lamps cannot be missed; they immediately grab attention and become focal points of the space, making the difference between an ordinary space and an eye-catching one.

This collection offers incredible style and symmetry; the fixtures with their subtly twisting forms, as all projects of Slamp, are “extraordinary and visionary.” Sensual and luxurious, of innovative yet timeless design, these luscious prisms puff out from either ceilings or walls as sculptures of light for a touch of splendor and glamour.

Veli collection recalls the classic Italian lighting design, adding a touch of modernity; all fixtures are reminiscent of beautiful flowers that bring elegance, style, and sophistication, a perfect solution to illuminate, animate, and embellish any space.

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