Venezia Chandelier: A Dazzling Lighting Fixture

Venezia chandelier, a modernistic update of the classic Venetian chandeliers, is created by the Italian designers Davide Giulio Aquini and Daniele Gualeni for ILIDE. Reinterpreting the centuries-old traditions of the Italian artisanship, this relatively new lighting design company demonstrates an innovative approach to the light fixtures design.

This chandelier is a part of the “Unicità” collection, which comprises stunning lamps inspired by the architectural, cultural, and historical values of the main Italian cities.

A delicate, but sturdy chrome frame supports the elegant hand-blown Murano glass callas. Their eye-pleasing sinuosity blends with the movement of the cloth-covered cables that trace the lamp shape.The result is a luxurious, sophisticated fixture with warm, organic silhouette, which could personalise any space and bring instant charm, style, and visual appeal.

As all handmade products, this chandelier is unique; it conveys emotions and goes far beyond the pure functionality of lighting fixtures.

Its vibrant colours, created exclusively for ILIDE, are definitely reminiscent of the spectacular Venetian carnival masks. This lamp immediately attracts attention and adds a festive, mysterious touch to any space.

The chandelier is available in three colour combinations that give different personality to the fixture without changing the colour of the emitted light: white callas with silky white cables, gray callas with silky red cables, and amber callas with silky golden cables. In addition, the fixture comes with adjustable cables. Venezia chandelier is a lighting solution that combines functionality and art and can be easily integrated into any interior décor.

Generally, a glittering chandelier is a jewellery that adds sparkle and a little magic to any room; it lends an air of luxury to the space.

The red cables version is particularly captivating because this vibrant red colour invokes psychological associations, such as fire, strength, passion, love, and more. Use this chandelier as a contrasting accent to create an extremely striking, intriguing effect and give a sophisticated look to a monochromatic colour design scheme.

Consider that incorporating glass elements in the décor is a smart concept for maximising opportunities for light. They gleam and radiate light, colour, and energy for a feeling of spaciousness and tranquillity; furthermore, such items help create an inviting and luxurious design.

To summarise, Venezia chandelier is a dazzling, make-a-statement fixture that could immediately transform the space and I like it very much. This luminaire adds passion, magic, style, and elegance to any home and I would definitely buy one for my place.

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