What Lighting Do You Need For Your Decking?

You will need at least two types of lighting for your outdoor area, and possibly three. You will need both task lighting; ambient lighting and you may also need security lighting depending on where your deck is positioned.

Task lighting will be needed when you’re moving around at night- so you don’t fall down the stairs or so you can see the BBQ.

This will need to be relatively bright and has to illuminate certain areas. Ambient lighting can be softer and doesn’t have to be placed in a particular position.

Security lighting needs to be placed in an area that will deter intruders on the approach to the house. You may feel that the decking is a vulnerable part of your home, or it may not be, this is down to your discretion.

Recessed Lighting

These are lights embedded into the deck. They are usually used as task lighting for steps to illuminate the steps. They are relatively cheap, simple to install and they make a deck look very impressive.

They can also be used to line the outside of the deck to make sure that people know where the edge is in the dark! Make sure you plan your lighting so that the steps are illuminated properly.

Outdoor stairs with recessed led lights

Post Lighting

If you have a railing around your decking, then you could consider post topper lights. They are available in a range of different designs so you can add a bit of personality to your outside area. They are one of the most prominent fixtures in deck lighting, and can act as markers for the bottom of stairs or the edge of your deck.

Fixed post outdoor lights

Mountable Lanterns

These are usually placed on the wall, and indicate a door. They are mounted using clamps and brackets and they can be found in a variety of different styles. They can cast a brighter light in comparison to other lights.

Front door wall lanterns

Directional Spotlights

These are for function and security. Positioned correctly and you’ll be able to move them to focus on specific spots that you feel are vulnerable, or will need more light to perform certain tasks. They will also act as deterrents.

Security Lighting

You may feel reluctant in using security lighting near your deck as it is likely to drown out any sense of ambience you may have created with your other lights.

However, you need to consider carefully whether you think that it may be necessary in deterring criminals from entering your home.

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