Wine Cellar Lighting Ideas – don’t waste the Drink of the Gods

Keeping in mind that wine is sensitive to environmental influences, consider humidity, temperature, vibration, and lighting essential factors that determine the storage conditions in any cellar. Wine Cellar Lighting Ideas are easy to make if you follow your desires and imagination.

Opt for moisture resistant paint in soft colours for both walls and ceiling; wooden, ceramic, or stone flooring are great options; throw in pieces of furniture, such as chairs, couches, coffee tables, and display racks and islands. Try to personalise and lend your cellar a chic and classy look adding cushions and other accessories as well as pieces of art – paintings, murals, or hand painted tiles.

You could opt for a glass wine cellar for a unique, sophisticated look; it is a great option because provides both proper storage conditions and attractive display.

wine cellar lighting ideas

As for lighting, remember that too harsh lighting produces heat that can have an adverse effect on the wine’s quality and aging process and you should find a balance between soft and functional lighting. In addition, you could use lights to add visual appeal and a touch of drama to the cellar. Consider all available options/usually they come with an UV ray protective coating/ and consult specialists to find the optimum lighting solution.

 Here are some useful wine cellar lighting ideas:

  •  Recessed lights

This is the most popular option that provides ample lighting with minimal glare. They come in an array of options and it is easy to find one that matches your décor. Opt for a frosted lens recessed halogen system for a dramatic flair.

  •  Track lighting/spotlights/

An easy-to-install option usually applied to highlight bottles in vertical display racks. Tracks are available in different styles, all with movable heads for directing light wherever needed. Mounted on walls or ceilings, tracks add a touch of modernity and elegance.

  •  Wall sconces

Sconces offer attractive, soft light and work well in cellars. They diffuse light all over the space to not only provide sufficient lighting, but also enhance the décor.

  •  Chandeliers

Opt for a chandelier for ample lighting and a touch of style and sophistication.

 Always consider using LEDs; flexible, energy – saving, with low heat emission and without harmful UV rays, they are a great, environmentally friendly alternative. They come in a variety of options in terms of shapes and sizes, such as ribbons and down lights to bring functionality and beauty in the cellar.

Adding a dimming system is always a smart idea; it helps maintain level of lighting according to your needs.

Generally, be creative and consider all aspects of the décor because an attractively decorated cellar not only adds extra value and a touch of personal style to your home, but it could also become a place where to relax from the stress of the world around you. More wine cellar lighting ideas are available in our cellar lighting ideas category.

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