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Living room lighting ideas and decoration tips

There are numerous ways to decorate a living room, so consider two essential criteria – the furniture design and its placement and the effect of light. You can consult interior and light designers and yet do not overrate their advice – have a look at the how- to tips and tricks, draw inspiration on their ideas, but since it is your home, decorate it your own way, express yourself, show your personality, bring a touch of style and elegance to create a cosy and functional place where to relax with your family and entertain your guests.

The best case scenario is to have a large, bright and empty room, that only needs comfortable and multi – functional furniture to meet your needs and lifestyle.  If it is not the case and you think your room looks too small and messy, if you are sick and tired of the furniture, if you feel that there is no enough space and light, do not worry, there are ways to rearrange the space.

Try some of these ideas:

• Get rid of clutter and chaos

• Place furniture close to the walls to open the space and make the room look larger

• Use pastel and light colours to create a feeling for more space

 • Match the colour of the walls with this of the furniture, when furniture contrasts with the walls, it fills up the space

• Up – light the ceiling to make a small room look larger

• If a room seems too narrow, then wash one wall with light to visually expand it

It is always a good idea to break the room into zones in accordance with your individual necessities – for relaxation, reading, watching TV. You’d better avoid using the traditional chandelier, try applying various lighting techniques and different sources of light instead; it is highly desirable to combine general lighting with the soft light of the wall sconces, floor and table lamps. This approach allows forming zones with different levels of illumination depending on their function, e.g., the sofa and the end table zone is lit up with table and floor lamps. In general, the right combination of the ambient, task and accent lighting can make the room functional and comfortable. Consider using dimmers to provide variable lighting plus decorative effects; lighting controls give you the ability to adjust the mood and ambiance and match the intensity of the light to your activity.

More tips how to use light and lighting:

• Let the light in room – when lit up, any place looks larger and more spacious, regardless of the source of light

• Mirrors reflect the light, make the space look larger and brighter and create a feeling of spaciousness

• Limestone, mosaic tile and frosted glass are also light reflective and enhance the feeling of tranquility.

• Use accent lighting/accomplished with spots, track lighting or wall sconces/ to highlight valuables, collectibles, pieces of art, architectural elements

Do not forget the accessories – vases, candlesticks, valuable books, flowers, photos, pictures, mirrors, they add a finishing touch to the room, and their placement is a possibility to show your style and creativity.

So, think outside the box, with a little help your imagination can make wonders and turn your living room into a great place for entertainment, family meetings and relaxation.*

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